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E-Scooter – Caution when driving after drinking alcohol

E-scooters are becoming more and more popular as means of transport in the cities. At the same time you can read almost daily about trouble with E-Scooters. Many users of e-scooters un-derestimate the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.
When it comes to alcohol, there are no limits that apply to cyclists, but the same standards that apply to motorists.

Collapse of the Cologne City Archive – Senior Site Manager sentenced for negligent homicide

On 03.03.2009 the Cologne City Archive collapsed as part of construction work for a subway stop. Two young people died in this accident on 03.03.2009. The property damage caused by the accident is worth billions. After a construction supervisor of the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe had already been sentenced for negligent killing in a first trial, a senior site manager has now been sentenced to a suspended sentence for negligent killing.