Tax evasion due to the receipt of child support in Germany

Since 2018, more and more people in Germany have been investigating tax evasion in connection with the receipt of child support by foreigners.

Tax evasion with goods from China

The fiscal court Kassel has decided that the damage, which occurred by counterfeit money, can be deducted under circumstances taxable as income-related expenses.

tax evasion germany

In recent years, German lawmakers have developed many activities to clarify tax evasion abroad. An essential part of this was the law on the exchange between different states on financial accounts in tax matters. The states concerned have undertaken to inform each other about the accounts of the respective citizens. Following an announcement by the German Federal Ministry of Finance on 29.01.2019, this list has now been updated.

tax evasion turnover tax carousel

With the help of an illegal tax trick, high tax advantages are to be obtained in so-called turnover tax carousels. Currently, there are more and more cases of tax fraud in trade with metals, especially copper.

The Federal Supreme Court has found contradictions in the judgment against the former German secret agent Werner Mauss because of the accusation of tax evasion. The Federal Supreme Court overturned the ruling and referred the case back to another criminal division of the Bochum Regional Court for a new hearing.

cum ex money damages in Germany

In January 2010, Hamburger Privatbank Warburg filed a civil lawsuit against Deutsche Bank at the Frankfurt Regional Court. The institute wants recourse for around 46 million euros, which the Hamburg tax office is demanding back from the Warburg Bank. Background is the Cum-Ex-Scandal, which moves since some years the minds of the German taxpayers and the experts for tax criminal law.

data theft criminal offense switzerland

A former employee of the Swiss bank UBS is accused of extensive bank data theft. He is accused of industrial espionage, violation of banking and business secrets and money laundering. The case has been pending before the Swiss Federal Criminal Court since the beginning of this week.

goldfinger criminal tax evasion

According to recent reports in the Handelsblatt, in January 2019 the public prosecutor’s office brought charges against 19 people accused of evading taxes

tax evasion private expenses

In January 2018, the Göttinger Tageblatt reported on a criminal case against a lawyer. The lawyer is suspected of having evaded taxes. He is said to have declared private expenses for a finca on Mallorca and his wife’s Porsche as business expenses.