Internet Fraud

On April 2, 2020, after extensive investigations by a concentrated action of law enforcement agencies from Germany, Austria, Serbia and Bulgaria, numerous measures were carried out. This resulted in a number of arrests and the seizure of funds amounting to over 2 million euro. The background are investigations against two groups of perpetrators who are said to have defrauded thousands of investors from all over Europe of a total of more than 100 million euros in recent years.

At the beginning of September 2019, banks in Frankfurt were searched again. According to media reports, the public prosecutor’s office is said to have expanded its criminal investigations against bank employees in the Cum-Ex proceedings.

The Federal Supreme Court has largely rejected Lars and Meike Schlecker’s appeal as unfounded. The two children of the entrepreneur Anton Schlecker are sentenced to imprisonment.

wirecard short sale attack

The public prosecutor’s office Munich I has expanded its investigations in the sphere of the payment service provider Wirecard. The company has received indications of a new short sale-attack.

inside information

The public prosecutor’s office in Munich is investigating a journalist of the Financial Times. An investor claims to have been provided with insider information from the journalist before a negative press report about the German company Wirecard.

preventing corruption tirana

Preventing Corruption in Public Service Media

In November 2014 the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) hosts a symposium in Tirana, Albania with the heading “Public Service Media and building trust with people”. The congress is supported by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations (UN). The convention is concerned with expert knowledge of representatives of several European countries with the administration of public service media.

Dr. Tobias Rudolph is external counsel of trust of the ARD.ZDF Medienakademie. In Tirana he gives a lecture on the subject “Irregularities in the Administration of Public Service Media – Preventing Corruption by Means of Counsels of Trust (“Ombudsmen”).

The manuscript of the speech can be found here in English or German.

Further information on Dr. Tobias Rudolph’s appointment as a ombudsman can be found here (also in German: Vertrauensanwalt zur Korruptionsprävention – Ombudsmann im Strafrecht)