At the beginning of September 2019, banks in Frankfurt were searched again. According to media reports, the public prosecutor’s office is said to have expanded its criminal investigations against bank employees in the Cum-Ex proceedings.

wirecard short sale attack

The public prosecutor’s office Munich I has expanded its investigations in the sphere of the payment service provider Wirecard. The company has received indications of a new short sale-attack.

Can German ISIS fighters be deprived of their citizenship?

The American President, Donald Trump, has in recent weeks called on Europeans to bring back to their country European citizens captured as ISIS fighters in Syria. Some Europeans, most of them French or English, had joined the struggle of the Islamist state in recent years to establish a God State in the Middle East. Some Germans have also responded to the call to go to “holy war”.

inside information

The public prosecutor’s office in Munich is investigating a journalist of the Financial Times. An investor claims to have been provided with insider information from the journalist before a negative press report about the German company Wirecard.

Agreements and "deals" in criminal proceedings

Two defendants – a former married couple – were sentenced to suspended prison terms by the Augsburg District Court for embezzlement of donations amounting to approximately 130,000.00 euros. The accused are said to have used the donations for their own luxury lives.

On 03.03.2009 the Cologne City Archive collapsed as part of construction work for a subway stop. Two young people died in this accident on 03.03.2009. The property damage caused by the accident is worth billions. After a construction supervisor of the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe had already been sentenced for negligent killing in a first trial, a senior site manager has now been sentenced to a suspended sentence for negligent killing.

The “Reichsbürger (Reich citizen) of Georgensgmünd” had been convicted of murder by the Nuremberg Regional Court. The Federal Supreme Court confirmed the conviction for murder. When his apartment was to be searched by police officers, he shot at the policemen through the door. A police officer died of his life-threatening injuries.

Nazi party rally grounds

In Nuremberg, paintings by Adolf Hitler were to be auctioned off in an auction house. The public prosecutor’s office assumes that these are forgeries. It has seized a total of 63 Hitler paintings.

family dispute

In a recent decision, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main has classified the closest family circle as an area free of a special protection against defamation. Insults can be expressed within the family without the need for criminal liability.

loveparade criminal procedure

In the last few days there have been several press reports that the large criminal chamber of the Duisburg Regional Court is negotiating with the parties involved in the proceedings, i.e. in particular with the public prosecutors and the defence lawyers, to discontinue the so-called Loveparade proceedings against the payment of a monetary imposition in accordance with § 153a StPO – perhaps even without a monetary imposition in accordance with § 153 StPO.