Tax Evasion Germany Dubai

Germany acquired electronic data from Dubai in June 2021 in order to uncover tax crimes. Several years ago, Germany had already purchased so-called data CDs from Switzerland, which led to the initiation of a large number of criminal tax proceedings.

data theft criminal offense switzerland

A former employee of the Swiss bank UBS is accused of extensive bank data theft. He is accused of industrial espionage, violation of banking and business secrets and money laundering. The case has been pending before the Swiss Federal Criminal Court since the beginning of this week.

By order of 29 August 2018 (file number (4) 151 AuslA 59/17 (40/18)), the Berlin Court of Appeal (Kammergericht) clarified that extradition to Turkey is inadmissible if there is a threat of prosecution for a political offence.


The Nuremberg Higher Regional Court has ruled that the extradition of a persecutee to Romania for the purpose of the execution of sentences is not permitted.