Attorneys at Law and Specialist Lawyers for Criminal Law in Nuremberg / Germany

We are specialists in criminal law, criminal law for tax offences and business criminal law.

Specialist lawyers for criminal law

Dr. Tobias Rudolph, Franziska Fladerer and Christian Krauße, LL.M. Eur. work as lawyers and defence lawyers in Nuremberg  / Germany. All attorneys at law at the criminal law boutique in Nuremberg are specialists in criminal law (“Fachanwalt für Strafrecht“).

Dr. Tobias Rudolph is also a specialist lawyer for tax law and a certified consultant for criminal tax law. Lawyer Fladerer is a specialist lawyer for tax law.


Defence Counsel

The lawyers advise clients in all areas of classical criminal law. This includes criminal investigations, criminal proceedings before the district court or the regional court as well as, for example, defence in pre-trial detention or in appeals and revisions.

Specialists for difficult cases

A particular specialization of the law firm are criminal proceedings, which require special knowledge from other fields of law, in particular tax law, medical criminal law or Internet law.

Criminal Tax Law

Defence in criminal tax law is characterised by the fact that tactical questions of criminal proceedings must be kept in mind as well as tax consequences for the client. Practical experience in dealing with tax investigators is just as important as professional cooperation with qualified tax advisors. As one of the first certified specialist consultants for criminal tax law in Germany and as a “double specialist lawyer” for criminal law and tax law, Dr. Rudolph has special expertise in the preparation and strategic conception of tax self-denunciations exempt from punishment.

Commercial Criminal Law

Apart from a high level of legal qualifications, life experience and farsightedness are also required in white-collar criminal law. For example, defending against fraud or embezzlement requires both criminal and civil law knowledge in order to grasp the complex economic interrelationships. This applies just as much to defending against accusations of corruption, insolvency offences or Internet criminal law as to defending against company fines.

Consulting for Companies: Corruption Prevention and Compliance

The lawyers of the Nuremberg law firm Rudolph Rechtsanwälte represent not only private individuals but also companies, in particular in the fight against corruption or in the prevention of criminal offences within the company. Dr. Tobias Rudolph has been appointed by several regional and international companies as an external trusted lawyer for the prevention of corruption (“ombudsman”). He is also a lecturer, for example in compliance training for employees in companies.

Defence of Professionals

From an early stage, the firm specialized in the defence of professionals.

If a lawyer needs a criminal lawyer himself, he will look for a specialist with outstanding legal knowledge. Attorney Tobias Dr. Rudolph fulfils these requirements in a special way as a “A-grade lawyer”. Tax consultants who are targeted by the public prosecutor’s office need a lawyer who knows what he is talking about when it comes to details of tax law. Doctors who are confronted with criminal law in connection with billing fraud or the new regulations on corruption in the health system, for example, build on the experience of a lawyer in medical criminal law, who also has a feeling for impending legal side effects.

Who we are and what we can

Good criminal defense is hard work on the case for the professional. For the client, the selection of a lawyer is first and foremost a matter of trust. Whoever entrusts himself to a lawyer in criminal law should know who he is dealing with.

For this reason, you can find out about cases and topics from our practice on the page “Frequently asked questions about criminal law (FAQ)”. There you will find specialist information on current developments in the field of criminal law (for example the new Money Laundering Act). But we are not afraid to publish “work samples”. You will find these in the form of comments on judgements (for example on the controversial criminal liability of a defender for party betrayal) or (anonymised) pleadings from the defender’s own practice.

The right Defence Strategy: Competence. Experience. Trust.

There is not the one right strategy of criminal defense. Especially not for every case.

Modern criminal defense lawyers no longer distinguish themselves by banging their fists loudly on the table and insulting the judge. A good criminal lawyer must be able to work both with carrot and stick. Sometimes the path to success leads to fast and powerful action. Sometimes it is right to observe the course of a procedure and wait for the right moment. And then to strike! Some cases can be solved by skilful negotiation with a public prosecutor or a judge.  Often – if not always – the way to the best result is through strong legal arguments. The best defence strategy, however, is to ensure that criminal proceedings are not initiated in the first place.

Which strategy is right for YOU depends not only on the circumstances of your case. A good defence strategy is only possible through the cooperation of the people involved. The most important ingredients on the way there are: Competence. Experience. Trust.

Strafverteidiger Nürnberg
Fachanwalt für Strafrecht Nürnberg
Fachanwalt Strafrecht
Specialist lawyer in Criminal Law

Verteidiger für Strafrecht
Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht

The problem of a defendant facing a judge who has previously stated in a written judgment that he or she is convinced of the guilt of the current defendant is discussed under the heading of “prejudice”. The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 27.01.2023 (Ref. 2 BvR 1122/22) brought the discussion in Germany to a temporary climax – but certainly not to its end. The case is currently pending before the European Court of Human Rights under application no. 25095/23.

Tax Evasion Germany Dubai

Germany acquired electronic data from Dubai in June 2021 in order to uncover tax crimes. Several years ago, Germany had already purchased so-called data CDs from Switzerland, which led to the initiation of a large number of criminal tax proceedings.