Entries by Tobias Rudolph

Can German ISIS fighters be deprived of their citizenship?

The American President, Donald Trump, has in recent weeks called on Europeans to bring back to their country European citizens captured as ISIS fighters in Syria. Some Europeans, most of them French or English, had joined the struggle of the Islamist state in recent years to establish a God State in the Middle East. Some Germans have also responded to the call to go to “holy war”.

New measures by the German legislator to detect tax evasion

In recent years, German lawmakers have developed many activities to clarify tax evasion abroad. An essential part of this was the law on the exchange between different states on financial accounts in tax matters. The states concerned have undertaken to inform each other about the accounts of the respective citizens. Following an announcement by the German Federal Ministry of Finance on 29.01.2019, this list has now been updated.

Loveparade procedure to be discontinued against money order

In the last few days there have been several press reports that the large criminal chamber of the Duisburg Regional Court is negotiating with the parties involved in the proceedings, i.e. in particular with the public prosecutors and the defence lawyers, to discontinue the so-called Loveparade proceedings against the payment of a monetary imposition in accordance with § 153a StPO – perhaps even without a monetary imposition in accordance with § 153 StPO.