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The problem of a defendant facing a judge who has previously stated in a written judgment that he or she is convinced of the guilt of the current defendant is discussed under the heading of “prejudice”. The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 27.01.2023 (Ref. 2 BvR 1122/22) brought the discussion in Germany to a temporary climax – but certainly not to its end. The case is currently pending before the European Court of Human Rights under application no. 25095/23.


International action against organised investment fraud on the internet

On April 2, 2020, after extensive investigations by a concentrated action of law enforcement agencies from Germany, Austria, Serbia and Bulgaria, numerous measures were carried out. This resulted in a number of arrests and the seizure of funds amounting to over 2 million euro. The background are investigations against two groups of perpetrators who are said to have defrauded thousands of investors from all over Europe of a total of more than 100 million euros in recent years.