Dr. Tobias Rudolph

Dr. Tobias Rudolph, Lawyer

Dr. Rudolph is a passionate criminal lawyer. His motivation to work for the client stems from his conviction that law is constantly changing. It is the task of the lawyer to defend the core of the law again and again in this process. Humanity, fairness and the control of state power are not just catchwords for the A-Grade lawyer Dr. Rudolph, but fundamental cornerstones of human coexistence.
This motivation emanates from the particular interest in criminal law – and also in fiscal law. In both fields of law, the conflict between the pragmatic desire of society for a “fast process” and the often excruciating search for the truth and for justice for the individual is becoming particularly clear.
Similarly, Dr. Rudolph is fascinated by those issues which, due to technical and social change, constantly present new challenges. He feels it is a privilege to actively contribute towards the answers of the law to current issues. At present, for example, it still remains fully unclear how legislation will solve the challenges caused by the Internet in the field of copyright (keyword file sharing).
Dr. Tobias Rudolph was the first lawyer in Nuremberg to have the qualification of being a lawyer specializing in criminal law and fiscal law (titles: “Fachanwalt für Strafrecht”, “Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht”). There are very few specialists with both of these qualifications.